Suthasinee Lamsunthia (Applied Chemistry)

Sales Engineer - Henkel Thailand

Our charming young graduate who had many job offers from big companies before completing her final exam. Now, Eve is starting to work at Henkel Thailand, a world class chemical manufacturer.

Suthasinee Lamsunthia (Applied Chemistry) “ I’m so lucky to study at ISC, that made me learn lots of things in real business environment. I have a deep understanding of the business world that makes me get a job as a new graduate that can work and compete with other experienced candidates. Now, Eve I am in-charge of a sales business unit, which I can use as a my solid foundation from Applied Chemistry major to present our chemical products. My business knowledge makes me understand what customers need and how to negotiate with them. It is very challenging position. Thanks to ISC so much that I received this opportunity. "

Kanokwan Pakpituk (Applied Chemistry) - First Class Honor Degree

Master of Science in Supply Chain and Logistics - Nanyang Technological University Singapore

Kanokwan Phakitpitakit, our only one 1st Class Honors, gold class medal (Bhumibol Scholarship), is currently studying for a Master's degree at Nanyang Technological University, the world's top 50 Supply Chain and Logistic University.

Kanokwan Pakpituk (Applied Chemistry) “ Knowledge from ISC that I gleaned is able to extend in real working environment, I am only one among many candidates that has no experience and able to enroll to Top University. I choose to continue my study in supply chain and logistic since I would like to help my family business in logistic sector in the near future and ISC is a part of my success. "

Suppadej Sriwatthanavanich (Biotechnology) - Second Class Honor Degree

Sales Executive - Somboonchai Company Limited

Our second class honor degree student from Biotechnology, now become a part of family business, Somboonchai Company Limited, stationery and office supplies company.

Suppadej Sriwatthanavanich (Biotechnology) “ Learning with ISC make me understand real business environment, this is not only memorize all theories but also learn how to apply the learning points to real situation. When I join my family business, is give me opportunity to understand the whole process, I look after sale department which I have to understand what customers’ need and maintain customer relationship. I have to say “Thank you to ISC” that help me and give me many chances to learn from both Thai and international profession, with the country and overseas. I will take all of matter to adapt to real working situation. ”

Atthapol Tweesri (Applied Chemistry)

Master of Research Organic Chemistry (Drug Discovery) - University College of London

One of an inspired and high motivation graduate who choose to continue study in Master Degree level right after graduation, Atthapol got acceptance from University College London, one of the oldest university and 7th ranked of QS World University Rankings 2018.

Atthapol Tweesri (Applied Chemistry) “ I choose to study at UCL because I would like to become a part of the world’s top universities, and I would like to extend ISC knowledge onward to an international arena. I am interested in innovation since I’ve been with ISC for 4 years, I was always being push to come our with new ideas. And now I chose to study in Drug discovery because I believe I could bring my knowledge to develop new medicine for mankind. "

Nara Kovitaya (Biotechnology)

Marketing Manager - Lanna Products Company Limited

Nara is a Biotechnology graduate who now full-time working for his own family business as a marketing manager for Lanna Products Company Limited, one of the biggest Wasabi producer and exporter in Thailand, headquarter in Chiang Mai.

Nara Kovitaya (Biotechnology) “ I understand my family business better since I studied with ISC. I can take all technical knowledge from the lap and experiment to create value for my existing products. Moreover, experience in marketing make me understand customer better and able to gain competitive advantage for Lanna Products. "

Nariya Phaengam (Applied Chemistry)

Business Executive - Thaisat Global Limited

Nariya is now working for leading start-up company as a business executive “Thaisat Global”, innovative digital and telecommunication company that open an opportunity for new motivated generation.

Nariya Phaengam (Applied Chemistry) “ I am interested in working for start-up because I like the atmosphere that I can learn new things and have to be active all the time. Now I am a pat of business development team which I have to propose my idea to support my client’s business. Studying with ISC, I had many chances to attend business plan content, and digital challenge, I always take that as my learning point when it comes to my time to work professionally. Thanks ISC ”